A Common Sense Approach To The Defense Of The Homestead

A Common Sense Approach To The Defense Of The Homestead by: Pat B – Off the Grid News

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TDC Note – Dogs and, of course, firearms as the last line of defense.


Defense Of The Homestead

As I sit down to write the article” Defense of the homestead”, it is a shade after midnight. Not such an odd hour for a freelance writer. The day job has been put behind me, the farm chores have been done. Also, the kids’ needs have been attended. This is the quiet time in my home when writing without the distractions of a full house on a busy day. But outside, it is not quiet. My dogs are busy this evening, the barking has been frequent and adamant. There is obviously a threat of one form or another lurking in the dark tonight, but a defense of the homestead is being mounted.

Defense Of The Homestead: Smart Choices

As I outlined in the last installment of this series, homesteads are under constant attack. As much as the prepper in me loves all the fancy defensive gear, most of it is of little value in the small daily battles that we fight. I will admit that on one occasion I employed an AK-47 against a marauding opossum in my barn. The result was the desired dead opossum. But there was a 30 caliber hole in the bottom rung of my extension ladder involved. In hindsight, my old single shot .410 would probably have been a better choice, or perhaps even a pointy stick. The AK seemed much cooler at the time.

So, if tactical gear and weapons are not the best response to the average threat, what then are the best tools at your disposal for day to day defense of your homesteading operation? The tools are as varied as the threats.

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