Here’s that Precious Metals BeatDown You Ordered!

Here’s that Precious Metals BeatDown You Ordered! by Rory – The Daily Coin

My goodness, we are never going to have a great year if this keeps up.

The bullion banking cartel seem to be concerned about something. There are no headlines to support this beating, but, then again, since when did actual news matter to the so-called “markets” anyway? I think the last time “market” news actually affected the “markets” was 199………. You know, a long time ago. The algo’s are fully in control and apparently they hit some kind of bump in the road they said “sell precious metals” and all the sudden this happens

And if we look at gold if looks even better!!

It’s as if the COMEX, LBMA and bullion banks are all conspiring against me…Oh wait…

If one has been sitting on the sidelines it would be a good idea to watch for the bottom and maybe consider making a move. Not financial advice, just a thought. We are watching with great anticipation and will be locking in a couple of nice silver coins we have been watching for just such an occasion!!! Enjoy it while it last.

These are live charts, so come July 6 these images will be long gone, hopefully, we will see a reversal that completely negates this latest beatdown.

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