Exposing The Real Deplorable’s (Videos)

Exposing The Real Deplorable’s by Rory – The Daily Coin


You can’t believe all the statistics, as many long time readers know we expose lies promoted by statistics, but even if you throw in a 50% curve on the numbers espoused by President Trump you see an economy that is somewhat improving. We know there are massive problems that will never, ever be fixed and they can not be fixed.

The point I wish to make is the contrast of what President Trump is sharing to what the others below are sharing. Which one makes more sense, makes for a better community and for a far superior nation. Only you can answer that question. I know what my answer is and I hope that I convey it every single day.


I have been compiling videos over the past few days to paint a picture of what has happened, what is happening and point out that you, yes you, reading this, need to utilize your best situational awareness senses and tools for the remainder of the summer. We should all be on high-alert as this situation is officially unhinged.

Here are a few great reasons to vote GOP in 2018 and beyond!!

Let’s see, who’s really the problem, who’s really causing division and which group of people seem to be completely, 100% intolerant of anything with which they disagree? hmmmm. Who could it be?

Is it the people in “fly-over-country” that work for a living, attends church, believe there are only 2 genders and see the rule-of-law as something to respect or is it the people whom advocate violence, that wants open borders, has a contempt for the rule-of-law and rarely if ever attends church? hmmm, do tell.

COMPILATION: Democrats, Media Figures Glorify Violence Against Trump Supporters
Who is really glorifying violence against people with other political views?

Many in the entertainment and news media, as well as many Democrats, have tragically been destroying fair political discourse by glorifying violence against Trump supporters. video source

The Left in 2018: Unhinged

video source

Tucker: Left using language of total war – and it’s scary
Tucker: The message is clear: The Left doesn’t consider its political opponents fellow citizens, or even human. How long before they start openly calling for violence? In the case of Maxine Waters, it won’t be the first time. In 1992, she cheered as racist mobs burned Los Angeles. We’re quickly approaching the point of no return. Video Source

Dana Loesch, NRA Spokeswoman and nationally syndicated radio host, was on Fox News providing a view into the victory by the registered socialist in New York. Alexandria Cortez, Socialist Democrat, cut directly from the cloth of Bernie Sanders, Bill Ayers and Obama, won because she promised the people free stuff – true socialism/communism. She also promised to eliminate ICE, open borders doctrine, and support the Impeachment of President Trump on a law that simply does not apply to the current President or any President of the United States.

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