Russia Takes the Lead in Blockchain Development

Russia Takes the Lead in Blockchain Development by Rory – The Daily Coin

It seems everyday we unearth another great reason for the Western corporate media, and their corporate overlords, to continue to push the “Russia is the enemy” narrative.

As the U.S. and other western vassal states, like the U.K., continue to “sanction” Russia, Russia is simply moving their economy forward. Russia’s economy has flourished under the Western world issued sanctions and is probably hoping for more so she will know exactly what area of the economy to improve and focus their investments.

The very first interview I conducted for The Daily Coin was with a developer named Roman. Roman was developing blockchain technology and being paid in cryptocurrencies along with paying an engineer in cryptocurrencies. This ties into what just happened in Russia, due to the fact this “underground economy”, that is now surfacing, has been growing ever stronger in this part of the world for the past several years. With even a small amount of infrastructure in place it puts a region ahead of most of the rest of the world. This small infrastructure has been building since 2011/2012 or earlier.

This was the first video of this type I had ever attempted, and does it show!! Great information as Roman does an excellent job of updating us on what was happening in Ukraine as the U.S. was starting the coup with the CIA mercs and other military operatives to overthrow the democratically elected Ukrainian government. This conversation was conducted just after Victoria Nuland became infamous for her “F – the EU” comment.

It seems this part of the world is embracing blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies in a way that is far outside of what is happening in the West. If we simply look at what is happening in Estonia we see a completely different way of conducting commerce and transferring personal information from ourselves to others.

With Ukraine being a provence of Russia, it is not surprising to see this happening. Croatia, another provence of Russia, is attempting to show the world how utilize blockchain and cryptocurrencies to their fullest potential

Today we learn that Russia is hosting the World Blockchain Summit in Moscow.

Cryptolium: Moscow hosts World Blockchain Summit 2018

The world blockchain and cryptocurrency summit has been held in Moscow, bringing people from all over the globe to discuss the future of the industry.

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