Victoria Nuland Is the Biggest Threat to the Deep State

Victoria Nuland Is the Biggest Threat to the Deep State-Will She Be Arkancided? by Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Almost nobody is covering the importance of Victoria Nuland’s impending testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee this week.

Nuland is an insider’s, insider. Because of her previous positions, traversing two separate administrations, she knows where all the bodies are buried, literally and figuratively. And at the present moment, Nuland is a bigger threat to the Deep State and the revelation of their illegal antics than Debbie Wasserman Schultz and even Hillary Clinton. In fact, Nuland’s testimony could send either Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to prison, or she could be sending herself to prison if she is not entirely forthcoming. And of course, when one is preparing to testify against the Clintons, they tend to commit Arkancide (ie suicide prior to testimony).

I have speculated whether Nuland was even going to survive long enough to even provide her testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. It now appears she will survive to do so. However, if she really tells what she knows, she may not survive to give testimony to a grand jury.

Nuland’s Threat to the Deep State

Victoria Nuland is a former State Department official. In that capacity, Victoria Nuland allegedly was the conduit between corrupt and Deep-State serving FBI officials and the former British spy who wrote the illegal and Deep State motivated anti-Trump Steele dossier. This document represents both fraud and subsequent illegal FISA surveillance of a private citizen when candidate Donald Trump was running for President. Nuland is set to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on this matter and on the Fast and Furious scandal in which she provided clean up for the Obama administration.

Nuland is a career political bureaucrat. She was a longtime State Department official who served in the George W. Bush administration as the U.S. Ambassador to NATO. When Obama was elected he retained this good Deep State servant and assigned her to serve as the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs in the State Department.

In her latter political capacity in the Obama administration and according to the book Russian Roulette, Nuland  played an irreplaceable role in the development and the distribution of  Christopher Steele’s fabricated negative campaign research on then PRIVATE CITIZEN  and presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Nuland’s most damning and self-incriminating role in this scandal consisted of giving permission for an FBI agent in London to meet with the former U.K. intelligence officer who handed over the fake and false dossier. In legal terms, Nuland is guilty of aiding and abetting a fraud, malfeasance of office, violating Federal Elections Commission policies (ie a felony), and the violation of the Hatch Act which prohibits federal employees from becoming involved in elections. If justice is served, Nuland is in a lot of trouble, perhaps even more trouble than former Assistant Director of the FBI, McCabe, or FBI special agent Strzok who was escorted out of the FBI Building, yesterday afternoon.

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is a ground-breaking  book that was published earlier this year and it was mysteriously written by veteran reporters Michael Isikoff (Yahoo News) and David Corn (Mother Jones reporter). Mysteriously written? Yes, the authors had to have had help in getting to the depth they did in the book. The book is a direct threat to the continued freedom of former Obama lackey, Victoria Nuland.

The authors of the book found that the  Steele’s Dossier, a  35-page fictional creation, was an unverified and fictional collection of raw Democratic party opposition research designed for the sole purpose of destroying candidate Donald Trump’s chances at securing the office of the President. The fictional account was paid for by Democratic funds. This dossier was the catalyst for the Russian-collusion-delusion allegation that has followed Trump since he was inaugurated. It is alleged that Nuland was the conduit between Steele and the Democrats. Further, as most already know, the Dossier also had FBI involvement from corrupt agents such as Strzok.

Nuland is between a rock and a hard place, if she tells the Senate Intelligence Committee what she really knows, even the milk-toast Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, would have no choice but to indict Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for crimes related to the dossier and to the illegal FISA warrant as well as the Fast and Furious scandal.  If Nuland invokes the 5th Amendment, she is all but guaranteeing she will be the fall person for the former Obama administration. If there is any hint that she cut a deal before a grand jury can be convened, Nuland will not survive to tell her story and she will become the latest victim of the Clinton’s Arkancide solution prior to giving testimony against them.

Is the Perceived Threat to Nuland’s Life Hyperbole or Real?

Most are aware of the scores of dead bodies that have been created among the cohorts who were to give testimony about the Clintons and did not live to do so. And in each case, they committed suicide. For a partial Arkancide list of Clinton victims, click here.  I feel compelled to mention that the source for the Arkancide claim came from a mainstream media source (CBS-Las Vegas).
The most recent case of Arkancide has a direct link to Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton. Please allow me to posthumously introduce you to Arkancide victim, David Raynor, a Special Agent for the FBI. The night before Raynor was to testify against Hillary Clinton an improbable murder-suicide happened. Something tragic happened the day before this agent was to testify against Hillary Clinton about her emails and her role in the coverup of Fast and Furious.
According to the police report, Special Agent David Raynor was “stabbed multiple times” and “shot twice with his own weapon,” and this crime scene finding was repeated in the local media reports. The official report on the death of Raynor and his wife was that Raynor allegedly murdered and then Raynor allegedly  turned his gun on himself. This story has more holes than the Vince Foster “suicide”. Please review the previous sentences in this paragraph and ask yourself who commits suicide by shooting themselves, TWICE! Further, both the husband and the wife had multiple stab wounds. So are we to believe that the couple engaged in a mutual knife fight as the wife inflicted stab wounds to this FBI special agent before being stabbed to death herself and then the agent shot himself twice and the both bodies were found outside the home? Bravo Sierra!
The couple was involved in a contentious divorce. What a great cover story that makes. But please pay attention to this….Raynor’s tragic death comes just one day before he was due to testify before a US Federal Grand Jury. Raynor was widely expected to testify that Hillary Clinton acted illegally to protect Obama administration crimes while covering up the Fast and Furious scandal.

I firmly believe that this is not just another case of Arkancide. This was a message killing designed for Nuland and anyone else that would take the stand against Clinton. I have an FBI source who told me that Nuland was the one who helped clean up the mess with regard to former Attorney General Eric Holder’s problem with Fast and Furious when he was found in contempt of Congress for not answering their questions about this event. Nuland faces a double whammy. She is complicit in obstruction of justice with regard to Fast and Furious and she participated in the Steele Dossier adventure. As an aside, I want to know what she knows about Benghazi?

Multiple congressional committees have investigated how Obama officials promoted Mr. Steele’s work. It is Nuland’s time on the hot seat. Michael Daniel,the  former White House cybersecurity coordinator and special assistant to President Obama, will also testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Daniel’s testimony is no coincidence. No doubt, Daniel’s testimony will be about his role in the email scandal and his testimony will no doubt be leveraged against Nuland to ensure her “cooperation”.

Here was my first response to Nuland’s testimony as it is contained in the following video. Nuland has a reputation for a tough no-nonsense go-getter. My first reaction was that she would fully cooperate with investigators and the Senate Intelligence Committee. However, after Raynor’s murder, she is no doubt having second thoughts about how she can best stay alive. Here is my initial reaction to Nuland’s testimony. I put this out on Youtube a few days ago to shake the trees lose with more information. It worked, people are coming out the woodwork and they are trying to keep Nuland alive. This article should give the Arkancide team reason to pause. However, they have not been dissuaded from carrying out their past missions. Good luck to Nuland, she needs it.

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