Russia’s New Artificially Intelligent Torpedo

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Russia’s New Artificially Intelligent Torpedo With Monster 100-Megaton Nuclear Warhead Is One Reason Why We Should Hope The ‘New Cold War’ Never Goes Hot By Dr Peter Vincent Pry – All News Pipeline

On March 1, 2018, Vladimir Putin declared to the world that Russia has nuclear superiority over the U.S. — and that Washington, D.C. had better “listen now” to Moscow.

The old Cold War never saw such a naked and blatant act of nuclear blackmail.

March 1, 2018, might be remembered as the date when Moscow officially declared the New Cold War.

On March 1, Putin described several of Russia’s new nuclear super-weapons. Among the strangest and most impressive is POSEIDON.

POSEIDON is a big “artificially intelligent” torpedo reportedly armed with a monster 100-megaton nuclear warhead — by far, the biggest H-bomb ever built. We are told POSEIDON’s mission is to raise tsunamis to flood U.S. coastal cities, leaving uninhabitable radioactive wastelands.

Russia’s doomsday bomb is real.


Previously in Newsmax (June 18, 2018), I described Russia’s TSAR bomb, designed to yield 100-150 megatons and vast amounts of radioactive fallout, like POSEIDON.

Moscow never deployed TSAR as an operational weapon because at 60,000 pounds (30 tons) it was too heavy for delivery by bombers trying to penetrate U.S. air defenses or for any missile at the time. TSAR was also militarily impractical for blasting cities and spreading fallout because this could be done more cost-effectively with numerous smaller nuclear weapons.

If the same nuclear materials used to build the TSAR were used instead to build many smaller H-bombs, the net destructive capability would be greater. Moreover, smaller nuclear weapons could be delivered by bombers and missiles.

Indeed, according to U.S. calculations of “equivalent yield” the TSAR — and POSEIDON — is a bad investment.

The “equivalent yield” of a warhead having a yield (Y) less than one megaton is Y to the two-thirds power, whereas a warhead having a yield over one megaton is Y to the one-half power. According to this math, 10 one megaton warheads supposedly could do as much blast damage as the 100-megaton TSAR.

Truth in advertising, “equivalent yield” was used by U.S. arms controllers during the Cold War to dismiss Russia’s big advantage in high-yield weapons, and to argue for U.S. weapons of low yield. Despite the best efforts of U.S. arms controllers to “educate” Moscow, Russia always preferred having weapons of higher yield than the United States.

So why did Moscow build TSAR, resurrected in POSEIDON?


Part of the explanation may be that totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, especially those led by a megalomaniac, have a tendency toward what might be called the “psychopathy of gigantism” in public works and military weapons — even if they are impractical.

The “great leader” of enormous ego and messianic aspiration, in every civilization throughout history, wants to build outsize monuments to himself.

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