Batchelor-Cohen on Russiagate (Podcast)

Batchelor-Cohen on Russiagate Podcast – TFMetals Report

With the New Cold War simmering on low at present, John and Steve returned last evening with a thorough discussion of the entire “Russiagate” affair in light of the recently-released report from the Inspector General of the US Justice Department.

Inspector General Horowitz has testified on Capitol Hill each of the past two days. Excellent summaries have been compiled by ZeroHedge and you can read them here:

With the report and Horowitz’s testimony being prominent news this week, Mr. Batchelor and Professor Cohen took the opportunity last evening to completely recap the manufactured stages of deception that have led us to this point. If you need a refresher of how “Russiagate” began and the specious details that led to the “crisis”, be sure to listen to this excellent summary.


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