Most Home Break-Ins Occur During Summer

Most Home Break-Ins Occur During Summer by: Off The Grid News

TDC Note – I wonder how much of this is due to people posting pictures of their vacations from another city while they are still in another city?


Home break-ins are more common in the summer-time and more dangerous than you think. Here are some shocking statistics about burglaries that should give you pause:

-Burglary attempts cause one out of every three assaults in residences in the United States.

-Around 95% of break-ins involve the use of force.

-Amateur criminals commit about 85% of burglaries and are more likely to be mentally ill, violent, or using drugs.

-Police only solve around 13% of burglaries and break-ins because they lack evidence or witnesses.

-Most burglars are seeking money to support a drug habit, so they are likely to be high.

-Most burglars are after everyday items like cash, laptops, guns, tools, smartphones, iPods, television sets, and jewelry.

-July and August are the most typical months for home break-ins.

-Around 66% of all burglaries are home break-ins, Safeguard the World estimated.

Suburbs And Rural Areas Are Also Vulnerable To Home Break-Ins

The numbers indicate that break-ins are most likely to occur in the summer when children are on vacation. Burglars prefer the summer because it is the warmest time of year.

Homeschool families are in greater danger from break-ins because they are more likely to occur during the day. Burglars are looking for unoccupied houses, so they usually come around at midday during the work week. That means a criminal might break in while a mother is homeschooling her kids.

Contrary to what most people believe, homes in the suburbs and rural areas are just as likely to be broken into by thugs as those in the city. Most burglars drive, and many of them prefer outlying neighborhoods where there are fewer people than in urban areas.

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