Nunes Ready to Impeach Rosenstein (Video)

Nunes Ready to Impeach Rosenstein Video – Bill Still

What would happen to a country whose top police agency went bad? Furthermore, what would happen to that country if the bad cops in that federal police agency, in order to protect exposure of their crimes went after those who were charged with investigating them?

And what if those same bad cops could successfully threaten the nation’s media to keep you from knowing any of this? Well, unfortunately, all that is going on right on in the USA – right now – today.

But today, we have come to a turning point, where the Inspector General of the Justice Department is about to release a report which – hopefully – will start to out the truth of this coup d’état against the very fabric of our free society – the rule of law.

Please stay tuned to hear some new news on the severe impact of threats made by the top dirty cop in the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein, to Congressional investigators in January 2018 that I reported on Feb. 3rd. These threats were made to cripple at least some investigations, and they have.

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