Chris Blasi: We Have Been Sacrificed to Banks & Multi-Nationals

Chris Blasi: We Have Been Sacrificed to Banks & Multi-Nationals by Rory – The Daily Coin

Since we are not financial advisors we do not offer financial advice and if you read or hear something that reads or sounds like financial advice,  believe me, it is not.

The wave that began sweeping the world way back in 2011 with the Occupy Wall Street movement is now truly beginning to take root. We are seeing entire nations stand up to the globalist bankers and their henchmen, the national government.

In the United States we have someone on the inside, love him or hate him, you can not say that he is not disrupting the status quo. Corporate media hate him, Congress, Senate both Democrats and Republicans hate him and the corporations, for the most part, hate him. This is reason enough for the average person to love him.

Now, if we look at what is happening in Europe, with Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain she is loved by the media and hated by the people. In Italy we see that new government was just elected and this new government is hated so much by the status quo the politicos out of Belgium told the people of Italy they would not recognize the newly elected government. The people of Italy said they were okay with that and would simply leave the European Union all the quicker. The politicos in Belgium are, needless to say, singing a different tune.

Everything we are witnessing today began 2011 with a group of vagabonds using social media to unite the anger, frustration and voices of the people that were sick and tire of the abuses of the banking cabal and their enablers, government officials.

I sat down with Chris Blasi, Founder, Creator and CEO, Neptune Global, to discuss these issues and how they relate to precious metals price suppression, corrupt fiat currencies and what is happening in the markets today. Chris believes, and I agree whole-heartedly, the only way to stop the corruption, abuses and crimes against humanity is shutdown the privately owned central banks. This is one of the reasons Chris developed, and patented, the PMC Ounce. The PMC Ounce allows people to hold a combination of the four precious metals in a weighted, fully allocated account. Diversity is a key element in risk management and what Chris offers is diversity within a diversified portfolio.

The next 30+ minutes will provide some with new information, others with information they already know and still others a chance to hear about a really cool and unique way of holding physical metal. I highly recommend listening through to the end as Chris provides a little insight you probably won’t hear anywhere else.

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