Bill Murphy & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. (Podcast)

Bill Murphy & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. Podcast – Radio Gold Seek


  • Bill Murphy of notes the risk / reward scenario for precious metals investors may have never been this favorable.
  • The massive JP Morgan silver short position and it’s potential to cause an epic short-squeeze, sending the price of silver skyward.
  • The dialogue includes two favorite Alpha Stock Newsletter gold stock candidates, Agnico Eagle (AEM) and Pan American Silver (PAAS).
  • Today, the FOMC raised the overnight lending rate by a quarter point to 2% for the fist time in a decade.
  • Policymakers noted expectations for the already tame unemployment rate of 3.8%, the lowest in 17 years, to drop further to 3.6%.
  • The yield curve is vulnerable to inversion after the Dec. FOMC quarter point rate hike, leading to an economic slowdown as soon as the summer of 2019.
  • The trade war between Washington and our neighbors Canada / Mexico as well as major trade partners, Europe / China remains a wildcard that has the smart money accumulating safe haven investments ahead of potential economic sanctions related blowback.

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