The True Mission of Trump’s Team

The True Mission of Trump’s Team by Bill Bonner – Bonner and Partners

PARIS – Last week, it was war with Europe. This week, it’s bombs over Toronto.

Plans are being drawn up for two walls. One across the southern border to keep Mexicans out. And one across the 49th parallel to keep Canadian products out.

According to the indictment, both nations are purloining American jobs.

Dream Team

But before we go any further, we would like to applaud Mr. Trump. The Trump show is all sound and fury, signifying God-knows-what…

But, occasionally – and apparently by accident – Mr. Trump seems to come up with the right message at the right time.

And he was 100% on target at the G7 summit in Québec when he said:

Ultimately, that’s what you want. You want a tariff-free – you want no barriers, and you want no subsidies… That’s the way you learned at the Wharton School of Finance.

But the Trump team never sticks to its playbook. Within minutes, the claptrap was back in the program and the clowns – Bolton, Kudlow, and Navarro – were back on the field.

What a team!

Bolton on first base, covering national security; Kudlow, on second, making sure that the president gets some of the worst economic advice available; and then there’s Peter Navarro on third.

We cringe when we see their faces on TV. They look like such sour-puss quacks…

Bolton is desperately hoping that another war will make him relevant again.

Kudlow is yearning to relive the glory days of the Reagan administration, but by bringing back its failed policies, not its successes.

And poor Navarro is thrilled to find that someone finally takes his corny trade proposals seriously.

And now, there they are…

Moe, Larry, and Curly… serving as top counselors to the president of the United States. He can humiliate them… contradict them… and ultimately replace them; perhaps that is really their role – to make The Donald look like a genius.

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