Where There is No Doctor a Village Health Care Book

Where There is No Doctor a Village Health Care Book BY  MD Creekmore

TDC Note – If you’re not familiar with this line of books this article is for you. Invaluable information for healing and saving lives.


Some reviews are simple to write, some are difficult. This is one of the simple ones, firstly I need to tell you that I purchased this book with the intention of adding to my library of medical knowledge. I did not receive it for free or in exchange for anything.

Some purchases can be seen through hindsight with eyes tinged with regret. This is one of those purchases. I purchased this book on Amazon for $27 including shipping. On the cover of the book and in the description it is promoted for the “villager/ pharmacist/ storekeeper/ teacher/ health worker/ mothers and midwives who live far from medical centers.”

Unfortunately, there are maybe only half the pages of the 445-page book that have applicable medical knowledge.

In fairness, there are several subjects broached that are extremely necessary for sub-third world nations or areas filled with people who believe using lollipops that have been dipped in open sores is a good approach for reducing potential chicken pox/ smallpox and other viral infections.

My real issues with this tome are how it was written and the language used most frequently which shows a disproportionate level of reliance on socialist life approaches. It should be noted that I do not see any government outside of self-governance or at most tribal approaches as a beneficial approach.

If the book had shown a disproportionate amount of “democratic/republican” leaning it would have received the same response from myself. I find that many items of interest in the book I agree with. Such as the statement, “if you can use what is best in modern medicine with what is best in traditional healing you are often better than using either alone” (quoting from memory so it may be a bit off).

Additionally, the insistence that we share knowledge eg., medical in nature adds to the potential that the book begins with. Where I believe it falls apart is its insistence on poor health being a direct result of an unfair distribution of land and wealth. While I am someone who lives daily in a system where my poverty is ignored by most others due to my being born “privileged” as a white male, even though I was also born with debilitating spinal conditions and even though I worked for decades with spinal conditions.

I still firmly believe that to better ourselves and our world we should instead focus on solutions which I promote individually through my writing reviews without charge and other one on one actions I take regularly without charge or profit personally. I share my extensive knowledge with people regularly and do so basically free of charge. This does not mean I am a socialist, communist nor does my rejection of these institutions and definitions mean I am a capitalist or otherwise. Rather it means I am a self-determining individual and this is my choice.

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