Another Example of Government Theft


Another Example of Government Theft by Rory The Daily Coin

Government will love you to death, literally. They will also steal everything possible from you, your family and your estate. Everyday we report on asset forfeiture, war and plain-ole theft by local, state and federal government. This is to say nothing of the crimes committed by the banking cabal that goes unreported, un-investigated and un-prosecuted. To this day, not one – NOT ONE – banking criminal has been prosecuted for the crimes against humanity committed in 2008.

There is an old saying that states – loose lips, sinks ships. This is to remind people to keep their business to themselves and not share certain information with others. For example, I would never tell you what is in my wallet – if anything. Why? None of your business and nothing good could possibly come from you having such personal information on me. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Today we learn of another reason for keeping our lips sealed and to never, ever discuss details about anything of importance with a wider audience. The wider audience will use the information against us. Every. Single. Time.

Back in 2014, three men found a secret booty in Normandy worth almost one million euros ($AU1.3m). According to regional daily Paris Normandie, the jars contained six gold bars weighing one kilogram each and 600 gold coins, dating back from 1924 and 1927.

In this instance, for them it was “finders keepers” — but law caught up with them.

They were charged on charges of theft after tax officials noticed one of the men depositing high-value cheques.

Another golden discovery was also made in 2014 when German archaeologists recovered a find of over a million euros worth of Roman gold and silver jewellery from an amateur treasure hunter who dug it up illegally in a forest.

German media reported that the treasure hunter initially kept his discovery secret and was believed to have sold off part of it on the black market, but it was seized by the authorities when it came to their attention. Source –

Apparently the above is being discussed as there was a new discovery, in France, of 600 gold coins stashed in the a wall of a home being demolished. The workers that discovered the coins, unfortunately, reported the coins to someone they shouldn’t have.

The gendarmerie (French police) said the treasure found in Brittany, a region in northwest France, has since been put under lock and key until they uncover more information about its origin. Source –

So, what other information do the French police needs? The house, which was uninhabited at the time of demolition, had the coins in a wall and they were discovered by the new, rightful owners. My guess is, the French government will find “due cause” to keep the coins and all the life-altering wealth they hold.

Whoever these coins belong to – the former homeowner – the current homeowner that should be decided between the two. Who doesn’t own these coins? The French government. Who will likely retain possession – the French government.

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