RMR: Special Guest – Rory Hall – The Daily Coin (Video)

RMR: Special Guest – Rory Hall – The Daily Coin Video

V and CJ at Rogue Money invited me on their show to discuss who controls the narrative. As George Orwell wrote in the book 1984 – “Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.

What we saw all through most of 2017 were terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matter attempting to rewrite history and tear down our statues of past leaders, military authorities and anyone, or anything, the terrorist deemed unworthy, including a “racist” tree in California. Thank goodness sanity is once again returning to civil leaders and this nonsense has subsided.

We are seeing an attempted control of internet information play out in real time right now. Most people don’t know, because I don’t speak about it, but google has de-listed more than 135,000 pages on The Daily Coin. What this means is it is almost impossible for The Daily Coin to be picked up by any search engine. If your work is not searchable, you don’t exist. My daily traffic has been crushed by more than 65% and my website will probably never grow again. This is what censorship looks like and this is the reality of censorship.

The only crime I committed is exposing the truth, the crimes of the elite and war crimes committed by the warmongers. You must be protected from this type of information otherwise you may develop a need for critical thought and this, in turn, would make a very dangerous citizen. Informed, understanding and probably unwilling to blindly follow lies, deceit and propaganda.

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