Putin / Xi Transgress Russia / China

Putin / Xi Transgress Russia / China by Rory – The Daily Coin

Just so we are clear on the use of the word “transgress”. According to Merriam-Webster transgress means to go beyond a boundary or limit. So, the way I am using this word is in the context that these men are going beyond the boundaries of mere colleague and working together more as close friends and not just “allies” who’s countries happen to share a border.

If you have been paying attention then you know all too well of the growing relationship between Russia and China as nation states. What most people overlook is the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. From all indications, and some of the public statements made by both men, these two gentlemen hold the other in high regard and esteemed respect.

When I worked in corporate America I would remind the people that I reported to that I could train a monkey to perform a needed task, but what I couldn’t do is train a monkey to be a respectful, friendly and someone that I wanted to spend time. I would never want to have dinner with the monkey or have a conversation about fishing, but the animal could easily be trained to push a button or carry a load.

What has happened on the global stage is the melding of two superpowers not only joining forces to create almost unbreakable economic alliances, but the men running these nations have grown into strong personal allies. This is foreign policy that is completely alien to the western world.

Sure, Bill Clinton and the two George Bushes worked with Tony Blair, but they were never friends. Obama was too busy drawing “red lines” with everyone around the world to ever have a normal, personal conversation and now Trump, who is actually attempting to have a personal conversation is not being allowed to speak with anyone unless the conversation is at gun point.

What just happened in China shows the depths of relationship between Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

With everyone focused on the G7 meeting in Canada this weekend, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and presented him with China’s gold friendship medal on Friday.

Putin met with Xi in Beijing before attending the weekend summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) in the port city of Qingdao.

“[President Putin] is my best, most intimate friend,” said Xi prior to presenting the large gold colored chain to the Russian president. “Putin is the leader of a great country who is influential around the world.”

Chinese People’s Daily posted images of the gold necklace on its Twitter account, capturing the live ceremony which was aired on state television.

Prior to formal talks with Putin, Xi called the Russian leader a “good and old friend of the Chinese people.”

Can you imagine one of the last 5-6 Presidents of the United States ever presenting a gold necklace of such beauty as this to any of their so-called “allies”? I can’t. There is not one President, beginning with Reagan to present, that I could see ever making this type of gesture. First, they would never, ever present someone with gold, but I can’t see this type of situation happening in any way. It’s really a shame and truly speaks in volume of who, and what, we have become.

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