Words Matter – This is Why Our Dear Overlords Wish to Control Them

Words Matter – This is Why Our Dear Overlords Wish to Control Them by Robert Bronsdon (Hollywood Rob) – The Burning Platform

It seems that everyone has a pretty firm idea of what their words mean.  Of course, no one has an unlimited vocabulary to call upon but we do have access to computer dictionaries which can be used to expand our options and make us look more erudite, but in general, this is a good thing as the rest of us will need to look up the new word and add it to our vocabulary.  That is if we can remember it.  I take it as small consolation that I didn’t have to look up erudite although I did have to have spell checker correct my misspelling.

There has been quite a bit of writing lately about Orwell’s 1984 as the technology to implement his predictions has now come fully into bloom.  As more and more people realize that they are trapped in what has come to be known as an Orwellian existence, they express an obvious concern that they will be trapped on the wrong side of the Orwellian tracks.  More and more of us prols are realizing that we may not be the ones who benefit from a new world order.  Some will luxuriate in Champaign Dreams and Caviar Wishes, but it most likely won’t be me.

It would appear to some that Orwell’s contention that power is the only goal of power is true because his explanation of how that power would be exercised seems to be true but that is not likely to be the case.  It is far more likely that the goal of power is to ensure safety.  Let me esplain.  No that will take too long.  Let me summarize.  (The Princess Bride)

There are only a few absolutes that govern the human condition.  Let’s make a list;

  1. Air to breath – we won’t last long without air, specifically oxygen.
  2. Water to drink – you might think food is next but you can go a long way without food.
  3. Food to eat – Yeah eventually you will need food too.
  4. Shelter from the cold – This isn’t important in some countries but it is in most.
  5. Someone to boink – Well you do want there to be more humans after you.

After that it’s all extra credit points.  So in the final analysis all human activity is directed in one way or another around ensuring that these five requirements are met.  Humans, being inventive and more than a little bit contentious, have managed to find a very large number of ways to ensure that they get their share of the big five.  This has been going on since long before there were even humans on the planet, but it got really complicated once we evolved into the form that we inhabit today.  We invented tribes, kingdoms, states, countries, New World Orders, all centered around ensuring that the big five would be ensured…but for whom?

Two hundred years ago Marx and Engle skulled out a scheme whereby these necessities would be provided by the community.  That didn’t work out too well for a lot of people but even today there are many who embrace their theories.  Filthy rich royals in England came up with capitalism and hoped that they could ensure access to the big five.  Of course, that didn’t work out too well for the prols either.  They lived in slums and worked in factories that killed them while the filthy rich royals reveled in their wealth, and thereby their security, and their access to the big five.

Humans have a need to understand the world around them.  This is not unusual.  It can be found in literally all life on earth.  The simplest of life forms have only the simplest of understanding of the world around them but even a single cell animal can figure out what he has to do to get food.  As the complexity of the life form increases, so does the complexity of the understanding of the world around that life form, but it still all comes back to the big five.  If you can’t ensure access to the things that you physically need then you will fail as a life form.  You will die, and so will all the rest of your associated life forms.

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