Panic in the Deep State / Honest Money or Enslavement of Humanity – Alex Newman

Panic in the Deep State / Honest Money or Enslavement of Humanity – Alex Newman by Greg Hunter – USA Watchdog

Journalist Alex Newman has written extensively about the New World Order, the push for one world government by globalists and the so called “Deep State” that has it’s invisible hand in just about everything. Newman contends things have not been going well for the people who want to rule the world since Trump won in 2016. Newman contends, “I get the impression they are very worried, and there is a lot of evidence that they are getting concerned they are losing their grip on power. I think we are starting to see some panic now. It very much reminds me of the rats fleeing the sinking ship expression. I think we are going to see some very interesting things in the days ahead. Trump has kind of gotten them cornered. I think they are actually very, very nervous about what comes next. . . . There are a lot of good things happening, and bad guys are starting to get nervous.”

Newman goes on to say, “Trump also, just recently, signed these executive orders to make it easier to clean up the federal bureaucracy. We have these antiquated civil service protections in place that basically guarantee these Deep State bureaucrats and intelligence operatives . . . with plush jobs for life doing whatever they feel like doing. That is a big problem that Trump has run into trying to drain the swamp. He can’t fire them, and when he tries to reassign them, they scream bloody murder. . . . So, now we have these executive orders in place to kind of facilitate a thorough cleansing of the executive branch of the bureaucracies. I think that is a good start, and we need a lot more, but I think there is some quaking in the boots here by people who have been entrenched a long time, people who are in strategic positions thinking they were going to sabotage Trump’s agenda. Good things are happening, and there is no question about it.”

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