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Moral Decay In Full View by Rory – The Daily Coin

It’s fascinating. It’s a word that reduces us to a vile terminology… ~Tammy Bruce

Some people believe there are bigger issues than wether Roseanne’s TV show is cancelled or not. To a point I would 100% agree. There is, however, another level to the story that is overlooked if you simply review the surface. If you look around and listen to the fallout and backlash from what happened we can see a much larger problem. We can see just how far the moral rot has crept into our society.

Tucker Carlson, one of the few voices of sanity and reason in corporate media, spent the first ten minutes of his show on Thursday May 31 discussing the depths of moral decay that are currently on display for the whole world to see.

Because of their rage the curtain has been pulled back, they just don’t care about hiding the nature of who they are.


What they are doing is trying to normalize the debasement of women in the name of being able to attack a woman with whom they disagree because they think she (Ivanka Trump) is a conservative but of course the irony is Ivanka is not a conservative.

It is a meltdown, but it is a reveal, also, I think why someone like Weinstein could survive so long in that world when you’re willing to reduce and have no principals. When you refuse to stand up for what’s right because someones a political opponent, that anything goes. ~Tammy Bruce, Tucker Carlson Tonight

The end result of what Tammy Bruce just described is the empowerment of moral decay in the form of person like Samantha Bee who feels it is her right to attack Ivanka Trump in such a public manner – the whole world sees and hears what happened. This is a direct reflection on you and I. Personally, I don’t like it one bit as this sleazy behavior sets the stage for all the debauchery being shoved down our throats and, in my opinion, is a huge part of the problem our society suffers with today. Tammy Bruce actually stated that (Harvey) Weinstein would not have been able to survive as long as did had people like Samantha Bee, or Meryl Streep, not turned a blind eye while they lectured the world on how to live. The hypocrisy is reaching such a level that the sewer system is overflowing.

Mark Steyn, another voice of reason and sanity. explains in no uncertain terms why Samantha Bee felt compelled to use the “C” word. Why? Because the “F” word has lost it’s power to shock and degrade.

No this may not be the most pressing issue of the day with Italy’s markets melting down and threatening global financial collapse or oil prices hovering around $70/barrel, the opioid plague or the situation in Syria. No, this issue is not as big, but it is equally as important. It is a reflection of who and what we are and from my perspective that is just as important as any of these other issues. If we are no longer human nor even attempt to climb to higher ground, morally speaking, then the other issues will simply continue growing, festering and morphing into something even more vile than what we have today.


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