Gold & Silver: The Next Leg Up

Gold & Silver: The Next Leg Up by Rory – The Daily Coin

How do we achieve this “next leg up”? Are we not seeing signs already?

I’m not sure that moving 1,800 additional tons of physical gold over the next 3-5 years is possible. One of the best ways to create movement in the physical gold market is for the exchange rate (price) to be much higher. The mining supply, as we have documented over the past 3-4 years, is on very unstable ground and the volume of precious metals coming out of the ground doesn’t look to improve any time soon. If the world needs an additional 300-400 tons of gold annually over the next few years we will definitely being seeing much higher gold.

We have been saying for the past year that gold and especially silver are on the threshold of moving much higher. We are on record as stating that we believe gold will move higher than the old annual average high of $1,760+/- and once this number is breached gold will never look back.

We are on record as stating that silver will move back into the $30’s and possibly even into the low/mid $40’s and once silver stabilizes in the $30’s it, too, will never move back into the $20’s except for, possibly, short periods.

Since we are not financial advisors and never, ever offer financial advice and only speak about what we are doing. We are adding to our physical metals position and will continue adding physical through this year. We are very interested in some of the high quality mining stocks that we have show cased over the years and will be moving into some of these over the course of the second half of 2018. For us, we now this as the time to make a serious move and begin taking some risk that have been presented over the past two years.

David and guest add serious fuel to the fire of reasons to either add to your stack or get busy creating one. The very guest explains in no uncertain terms that he feels, as we do, that gold is set up for a major move. He states very clearly:

I am Chairman of the World Gold Council right now and one of our biggest initiatives is to penetrate pension funds, endowment funds and sovereign wealth funds because they own almost no gold. What you’ve had is most the ETF’s is held by hedgers and we don’t have the long term gold holders from these institution markets.


We should have at least a half percent in these funds and if you just do the math, if you just took half-a-percent…we already learned from the GLD that for every 300 tons of gold it’s worth $100 on the gold price. A half-a-percent move into these funds would move the gold price by $500-$600.

Mr. Morgan is asking  – Does Your Pension Have Enough Gold. I would answer that question in two ways. The first, very simply, – No. The second would be to ask what type of future events will impact our world, our lives and the monetary system? If someone can answer that question then that person would know exactly how much gold to have on hand for both the “greed” trade and the “fear” trade. Otherwise, I do not know the answer to any of these questions, therefore, my pension does not have enough gold – ever.

The guest, which present a wide variety of views and very deep pool of knowledge, that David Morgan speaks with during this educational program is one of the best I’ve heard in some time.

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