Where Is Trump? Why Has He Foresaken His Base?

Where Is Trump? Why Has He Foresaken His Base? by Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

It is unquestionably a true statement that if it were not for the Independent Media, Donald Trump would not be sitting in the White House. I have never witnessed a group of professionals come together and united under single cause, to Make America Great Again, as I did with what the Independent Media did for Trump in the 2016 election .

After Trump was sworn in, his causes were championed and his enemies were chastized by the Independent Media. Then came the extreme censorship by the social media monopolies. Many of the resources and incomes of the Independent Media dried up. Yet, most remained loyal to this President. It has been 15 months since the social media giants began to practice extreme censorship. One would think that President Trump would still need the Independent Media to help him carry his water since the mainstream media is outright hostile and dishonest in their treatment of the President. Therefore, when the social media media monopolies are violating anti-trust laws by censoring the Trump supporting media, one would think that the President would step in and attack those who are breaking the law in an attempt to destroy Trump’s initiatives. Yet, all we have heard from the President is crickets chirping. It is baffling that Trump would foresake his strongest ally. This fact, among others, have caused many in the Independent Media to question Trump’s resolve to truly make American Great Again. For if he did, he would be defending his base, his strongest group of supporters, and he is not.

The Social Media Gestapo

President Trump by not acting against social media censorship is promoting a Gestapo-like take over of all independent thought and subsequent action. There is even legal precedent for the President to take action against the social media giants of Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Google. And this legal precedent has been championed by Senator Ted Cruz, a former Trump enemy.

Social Media just completed a couple of rounds of Senate and House of Representatives hearings in March and May.  The social media giants were surprisingly grilled by such “freedom advocates” such as Senator Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz tried to get the social media giants to admit that they are indeed “open forums”, yes or no, was the question he kept putting in front of them. Yes or NO? YES OR NO!?  After several minutes of grilling the representatives of Twitter, Youtube and Google, they refused to answer. This should have constituted contempt of Congress. This topi cis critically important to the free flow of information that impacts each and every American. If these social media giants are an open forum, as I learned by watching C-Span’s coverage of the Cruz inquisition, then they cannot legally censor. If they censor, then they are not open forums. IF they are not open forums, then they are responsible for any upload to their respective platforms. This means, they could be fined and even prosecuted if someone were to upload child porn to their site. This could mean jail-time. Ted Cruz had these purveyors of gestapo censorship and Trump has let them off the hook.

A Meaningless Set of Congressional Investigations

How did the Cruz inquisition turn out? All of the social media giants eventually answered in the affirmative that they are indeed open forums, but they all have community guidelines that the users must follow. But if the community guidelines are based upon censorship, then aren’t they breaking the law and are accountable for all content uploaded on their site? The failure for Congress to act is notable. The failure for the DoJ to act is notable. The failure for Trump to act is inexcusable!

It should be time for President and the DOJ get involved. And, yes, various Trump  officials have hinted, these community guidelines, that Youtube is famous for, and what they use as an excuse to censor, should be dealt with. The clear implication is that the Trump administration agrees with this position and were prepared to act. We are waiting, Mr. President…. waiting Mr. President…. waiting….! However, it has been 15 months since the extreme censorship fo the social media kicked in and Trump remains silent on the topic despite the fact that Trump’s own twitter distribution has dropped by about 25%.

Diamond and Silk Have Done More for Journalism Than the President!

Diamond and Silk tried to do their part as participants in the controversial Congressional hearings and they escalated this complaint into a sweeping conspiracy where the pair of conservatives alleged that Mark Zuckerberg interfered in the 2018 elections by manipulating conservative users’ advertising preferences so they’d be targeted  by liberal ads on their conservative sites. The pair confronted the Democrats who tried  to serve as the guardians of the  social media giants, but the testimony was a waste of time. We know that most of Congress is bought and paid for. But where is Trump?!!!

Here is a summary of my concerns which is contained in the following video. My suggestion is that every one who voted for Trump should write to him and ask him: Where’s Trump?”  Why have you foresaken your base? Mr. Trump why should the Independent Media and their followers continue to support you when you are not supporting htem?


One More Thing Mr. President: Where Are You On the Two Following Critical Issues?

Didn’t Trump promise to deal with chemtrails and ultra-high prescription prices?  Here is a summary of my concerns on thies two issues.




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