The ‘Mockingbird Media’ Propaganda Minions Lose Total Control Of The Narrative In The Midst Of Multiplying Scandals

The ‘Mockingbird Media’ Propaganda Minions Lose Total Control Of The Narrative In The Midst Of Multiplying Scandals By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

Two years ago if an Independent Media writer used the term “deep state,” we were labeled nut-ball conspiracy theorists, yet now that  corruption has been exposed in the highest levels of multiple intelligence agencies during the Obama presidency, we have seen the deep state apologists and the propaganda arm for the democrats, otherwise known as the MSM, forced to report on individuals that are, indeed, members of the deep state.

Like former Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who according to the DOJ Inspector General, lied to the FBI multiple times, even under oath, and provided unauthorized leaks to the press.

Like Peter Strzok, Chief of the Counterespionage Section during the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server, as well as one of the main instigators of the Russia probe, having to be removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team after thousands of text messages between him and his alleged lover FBI special counsel Lisa Page were exposed showing a pro-Hillary Clinton, anti-Trump bias, with other texts revealing an inter-agency attempt to take help rig a presidential election, then create an “insurance policy,” in the event that Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election. That insurance policy was reportedly the Russia investigation.

Other names the propaganda minions in the MSM have been forced to report on include the former FBI director James Comey for leaking classified memos to a friend with the stated purpose of having it “leaked” to those same propaganda minions in the press (Video of him admitting it here); Bruce Ohr for his lying about his meetings with Fusion GPS, which hired Christopher Steele, who created the unverified, Kremlin sourced “Steele dossier,” which was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC; Ohr’s wife Nellie was exposed as being on Fusion GPS’s payroll; James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence has been exposed for committing perjury; Loretta Lynch, former Attorney General under Obama for ordering James Comey to misrepresent the Clinton investigation by calling it a “matter” rather than a criminal investigation… the list goes on and on.

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The point here is that the liberal propaganda MSM minions have been forced to report on each of these scandals, forced to report on the “deep state” members of the intelligence community, proving that the deep state is real, huge and involves people at the highest levels of the intelligence community, while twisting themselves into pretzels to claim that there is no deep state.

Now that President Trump has spoken of the “Criminal Deep State,” clearly meaning the people mentioned above and others, the media once again practices mental and journalistic gymastics by claiming he is including the whole “law enforcement community” in his “deep state” claims.

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Same goes with the whole “Spygate” scandal unfolding now. Back in March when President Trump told the world the Obama administration had spied on his campaign, the deep state minions in the MSM howled about how that wasn’t true, they mocked President Trump and his supporters as whacked out conspiracy theorists, yet now they are forced to admit the Obama administrationnot only spied ont he Trump campaign, but they also hired and paid a spy to infiltrate the campaign to provide them with information on campaign members.


Once again they are flailing publicly to claim that the person the Obama administration paid almost a quarter of a million dollars to wasn’t a “spy,” he was an informant. They have gone from denying it ever happened to now claiming it happened but it was done to “protect” Trump when he was a candidate.

The latest attempt to change the narrative comes from Washington Post, who is telling their audience that the man, Stefan Halper that the FBI paid to spy on Trump campaign members is really just a “middleman,” rather than a “spy.”

So now they have gone from there was no spying, to the FBI paid someone we cannot name to gather information from Trump campaign team members, to the Obama administration spied to protect Donald Trump, to Halper wasn’t a spy he was an informant that the FBI paid to approach Trump campaign members, to “Stefan Halper is just another middleman.”

All in less than a week.

As NYTs bestselling author, retired Intel Operative, Tony Shaffer, puts it “Is has become crystal clear – the ‘Criminal Deep State’ is behind the spying on the Trump Campaign – remember the left’s narrative has gone from “Trump was never spied on – he’s crazy” to now “Trump was spied on for his protection”- “protection” from whom?”

Dilbert Creator Scott Adam’s perfectly describes the amount of verbal doublespeak the media is engaged in right now in order to protect themselves for having lied to their audiences for so long and to protect the Obama administration deep state members, when Adams says “Four things to understand about SPYGATE: 1) There was no spy in the Trump campaign. 2) The spying that did NOT happen was totally justified. 3) It would be bad for national security to identify the spy who doesn’t exist. 4) His name is Stefan. #SPYGATE.”

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Here at ANP we have shown on many occasions how the MSM will converge on one narrative  all at the same time, even to the point of using the exact same headlines, in order to try to control the narrative, but over the last week since Spygate started unraveling at an increasingly rapid pace, they have lost control of the narrative in a huge way, they cannot keep up with the information that is being revealed on a variety of fronts, so they are very publicly swinging in the wind.



While observing the deep state propaganda MSM members twists and turns, justifications, excuses, outright lies and ever-changing narratives is morbidly fascinating, the questions that continue to run through my mind are:  “Why are the media so desperate to protect the deep state members of the intelligence community, many of them no longer holding positions of power? Why are they bending over backwards to protect the Obama administration, who again, no longer hold any power?

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