Bob Lindsey: Return to The Rule of Law

Bob Lindsey: The Return to The Rule of Law by Rory – The Daily Coin

During the Obama reign there was plenty of news pointing to massive changes in the make-up of the American culture. One of the lasting legacies of this reign of nonsense and disregard for the rule of law is currently playing out under the watchful eye of President Trump who, seemingly, is a fan of the rule of law and seems to be doing his level best to have the United States return to following the law.

Once you have corruption at the very top of a spectrum the lawlessness and corruption naturally makes its way throughout all of society. This is exactly what we are witnessing today with sanctuary cities, illegal immigrants, literally, walking free for murder and college students demanding everyone else pay for their bad decision to acquire a humanities degree in social engineering that will never, ever produce any type of income. All of these situations seem to be reaching the end of the line as people’s tolerance of this nonsense is wearing thin.

Enter Bob Lindsey, candidate for Sheriff of Los Angeles County. Bob, and his 40 years experience, has plenty to say about what is happening in the Los Angeles judicial system. He sees a lot of what is wrong and has a plan to address it. Bob also knows the deputies and understands they are the backbone of maintaining law and order. Without the support of the deputies, you have nothing. If the Sheriff doesn’t support, listen to and address the problems of the deputies, they will respond in kind. When that happens, our neighborhoods become shooting galleries, crime escalates and even the smallest of problems become magnified without someone to help calm the situation.

It is no secret that I have reviewed the dark side of the police state in the United States, so it is past time to look at what the good cops are trying to do, address some of what we know nothing about and bring some of their issues to the table. It’s not fair to always look at one side of an argument – some would call that an echo chamber.

Bob Lindsey is one of the good cops and is doing his level best to bring the rule of law back to the largest judicial area in the country. Los Angeles County is a sanctuary city, located within a couple of days walk of the Mexican border. This in-and-of-itself impacts a community in ways most of us will never understand and never know anything about – it doesn’t happen in our neighborhood. Most cities are not sanctuary cities which means most people only hear about what happens – Bob lives it.

This is one of the more interesting conversations I’ve had in some time. It is completely different from anything I have done in the past. I hope you enjoy and, more importantly, I hope you learn something. If you live in Los Angeles County, please consider voting for Bob Lindsey for Sheriff on June 5.


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