Who Could Make This Intricate Crop Formation With Binary Code Message Included, in the Middle of the Night?

Who Could Make This Intricate Crop Formation With Binary Code Message Included, in the Middle of the Night? from Humans Are Free

The crop circle below appeared in 2002, in a field near Crabwood, UK. Yes, it’s real, it’s been filmed and documented in the Crop Circle archives, and you can see better pictures and video footage of it below.

So, it happened, regardless of who you believe made it. It’s ridiculously precise, like many others, and contains a humanoid face but looks like a version of the typical “grey” alien.

It also includes a hand with fingers and in the hand is a disc with a binary code, as well as 3 points in alignment over the beings right shoulder that may represent the constellation of Orion (Orion’s Belt).

Crop circles happen all over the world, and they’re made quite often. Constantly ignored by mainstream media, these intricate, complicated, precise and beautiful designs only seem to be brought up in a ridicule type piece.

Perhaps because UFOs (balls of light) are associated with some of these designs (more on that below), and because there was, as the first director of the Central Intelligence Agency once said, an “official campaign of secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense.”

It’s not surprising given what we already know about the CIA’s connection to mainstream media, and why we’ve seen so many ridicule pieces on these kinds of things in the public, thus influencing the collective mind.

For anybody who has looked into the phenomenon in a serious matter, and many have, there are anomalies surrounding them that can’t really be explained, unless you accept an ‘unconventional’  explanation.

The only time they get attention are when they are sloppy and man made, like this one. The more complex and extremely precise ones have strange measurements associated with them (mentioned later) and are made in the dead of night leaving no traces, marks, or footprints.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if many circles were man made (many are and we know this), but if it was deliberate to debunk the phenomenon is another matter to be discussed.

The photograph below was taken by Lucy Pringle, as well as the one above,  but it was viewed by many.

Here’s a close up of the Binary Circle:

Not all are unexplainable, some are clearly man made, while others remain drowned in mystery.

Richard Taylor, a physicist at the University of Oregon, is one of several academics to take interest in the crop circle phenomenon within recent years, unfortunately, his is the only work that seems to be published in a serious peer reviewed scientific manner.

Taylor, despite ridiculing any ‘supernatural’ type of hypothesis, believes that “crop circle artists are not going to give up their secrets easily.”

He believes that unknown artists are venturing “into the countryside close to your homes” to “carry out their craft, safe in the knowledge that they are continuing the legacy of the most science-oriented art movement in history.”

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