Eric Swalwell – Everything That’s Wrong With CONgress

Eric Swalwell – Everything That’s Wrong With CONgress by Rory – The Daily Coin

The featured image above was used for the specific purpose of displaying the type of weapon every law abiding citizen should have the right to own. It is one of our God given rights to defend ourselves from enemies – regardless of their origin.

In this two part segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight Eric Swalwell, Democrat, Congressman 15th District of California demonstrates for the world just how out of touch, lacking in facts and, most importantly, his depth of disdain and contempt for the Constitution and American people he carries into office everyday. It is breathtaking during the first segment and then Swalwell doubles-down during the second part. Even my wife was shocked at the words coming out of this mans mouth on live TV.

Not one shred of evidence is presented surrounding Russian collusion. Eric Swalwell is still selling the same story that has been debunked six ways to neverland and still he presses forward. Never once does he mention hillary, the dossier, Fusion GPS or Uranium One – all of which PROVE Russian collusion, just not with Trump.

Treason is treason – hillary, obama, lynch and several others should be very concerned at this point as the noose seems to be tightening everyday.

Pay close attention to the dodging and weaving of the questions surrounding gun confiscation. This is very telling and why we as law abiding citizens of the United States must stand up to control freak, gun grabbers like Eric Swalwell. He would have us unarmed and helpless in a New York minute, while he stands behind a wall of guns in his gated neighborhood. People like Swalwell make me sick to my stomach. His smug arrogance is beyond belief.

If this is not motivation to get to you to vote for ANYONE ELSE during the next election I’m not sure what could possibly motivate you.

Tucker told Rep. Eric Swalwell he would give him airtime for half a show if he presented evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Calif. congressman argues his gun control plan could prevent mass shootings and make our schools safer.

The congressman presents his case – you be the judge.

PART 1 – Russian collusion

PART 2 – Gun Confiscation


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