The Downfall Of The Western Cabal Has Never Been More Apparent

The Downfall Of The Western Cabal Has Never Been More Apparent by London Paul – The Sirius Report

The ongoing speculation with respect to “draining the swamp”, mass arrests and unsealed indictments continues in earnest and is worthy of our comment at this time. This is not a recent phenomenon and recall that we said when Trump was elected president that his primary role was to take a wrecking ball to the cabal and that would involve all of the aforementioned, but not in the manner the general consensus suggested and that has proved to be the case.

The process to take a wrecking ball to the cabal in its entirety began to take shape quickly, albeit not in an overt way last autumn as we stated publicly, which largely remains the case, even today and for very good reason.

The ongoing Mueller investigation in the US continues to dominate the column inches of the mainstream media, directly and indirectly, but is nothing more than a dog and pony show. At some point the entire investigation will collapse and we have consistently said this since the investigation began. In addition we said the net would gradually close in on certain principal players but that it would be a long drawn out affair and that is now visibly becoming the case.

In some senses the endless focus on the Russiagate debacle, with respect to Trump, has been a blessing in disguise. The amount of time and resources given to what amounts to an utter waste of time, ensured that the cabal’s eyes where very much off the ball. What was also clear was that Russiagate was merely a smokescreen to buy the cabal time to see if Trump would capitulate, which has failed to materialise. After all, if they were unable to produce any evidence within a matter of months it was clear it was nothing but an attempt to put unbearable pressure on Trump, but crucially to also deflect attention away from the critical matters pertaining to where the real corruption and criminality resides.

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