JW: Trump is RIGHT About McCabe/FBI Corruption…JW has the Docs to Prove It! (Video)

JW: Trump is RIGHT About McCabe/FBI Corruption…JW has the Docs to Prove It! Video

Judicial Watch obtained documents showing FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe did not recuse himself from the Clinton email scandal investigation until the week before the 2016 presidential election. His wife, a candidate for state senate of Virginia, received campaign donations from Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe. Her campaign was also promoted by McCabe through his official FBI email account.

In June 2017, Circa reported that social media photos showed “McCabe wearing a T-shirt supporting his wife’s campaign during a public event and then posting a photo on social media urging voters to join him in voting for his wife.” The Justice Department IG is investigating whether McCabe properly disclosed payments to his wife’s campaign on his ethics report, as well as possible Hatch Act violations.

An October 2016 internal FBI memorandum labeled “Overview of Deputy Director McCabe’s Recusal Related To Dr. McCabe’s Campaign for Political Office,” details talking points about McCabe’s various potential conflicts of interest, including the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s illicit server, which officially began in July 2015. In addition, the documents reveal then-FBI Director James Comey consulting with McCabe and allowing him to be involved with the investigation.

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