The Holy Grail of Investing


The Holy Grail of Investing Bob Moriarty of 321 Gold discusses movements in the gold and silver markets.

A major low in the price of precious metals this way cometh.

I remember clearly the first time someone informed me that all markets were manipulated. It was just after my mom told me that the sun rises in the east. When I learned about everything was manipulated, there are no free markets, I was so mad I kicked the slats out of my cradle.

We need to know all about manipulation. We also need to know where the sun rises and sets. For example, you are sitting in your car; you feed in the name of a nearby bar into your phone, press DIRECTIONS and then GO.

Your phone tells you to turn east. How wonderful is modern technology? Your phone can navigate you to the nearest bar, it just can’t tell you what direction east is. But you remember back to momma and everything she schooled you. You look up thinking that finding a bar at ten in the morning when it is east of you, just drive in the direction of the sun. That’s east.

I’m told than ninety-five percent of investors lose money. I can believe that, most people are fools. I invest to make money. I run a website that tries to help people make money. We want to cater to those tiny few souls who want to be in the five percent.

But you want to know, you need to know, what the ninety-five percent are thinking because it tells you what not to do. I spent a lot of time writing about it in Nobody Knows Anything. You are either a contrarian or a victim.

Imagine yourself standing at the bottom of a very tall mountain. A guy dressed up in fancy and expensive climbing gear comes up. He asks you to hold a brief case filled with $100 bills for him.

He’s just learned about the manipulation of gold and silver. He tells you that he’s going to climb to the top of the mountain at the time of the full moon and howl at the moon until those rat bastards in the greedy banks stop manipulation of gold and silver. He wants you to hold the briefcase while he’s gone.

What do you do?

You do what anyone in the five percent would do when confronted with fools.

Take the money. We in the five percent act as a destination for the money of the ninety-five percent who are clueless. They want to give their money away. It’s only fair to take it and hold it until they wake up.

On January 26th I wrote a piece about the Daily Sentiment Indicator giving signals on a full dozen different commodities. The DSI said each of the commodities was near an extreme of emotion and were about to reverse direction. The DSI predicted the move, I just happened to notice that a lot of totally different commodities were sending signals. The DSI numbers were facts, not opinions, I just put it all together.

If you spent $3.99 on Nobody Knows Anything, you wouldn’t need a guru or to know all about manipulation or banks that want to steal all your money or conspiracies. You could figure it out all by itself.

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