Gold to Outperform Silver? | Louis Cammarosano (Video)

Gold to Outperform Silver? | Louis Cammarosano Video – Silver Doctors

Louis Cammarosano tells Silver Doctors that gold will outperform silver this year.

Cammarosano says during a crisis, gold outperforms silver at first, then silver catches up. Therefore, until gold reaches $1400 or $1500, silver will stay quiet.

Will the Dollar collapse? Cammarosano says people are becoming satisfied with paper promises and the game can last longer than we think.

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In the past, in crisis, people rush toward gold and silver. But because people are satisfied with paper promises, are we in uncharted territory? Yes, but only until people realize these paper assets are fragile. These assets are dependent on electricity and the Internet. If the electrical system or Internet go down, then people will be in for a rude awakening.

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