Reps Ask Trump to Demand Documents (Video)

Reps Ask Trump to Demand Documents Video – Bill Still

Three prominent Republicans have sent a letter to President Trump requesting that he exercise his authority as President of the United States to demand that the DOJ stop stonewalling Congress over long-requested documents.

Mark Meadows, chairman of the 36-member House Freedom Caucus; Jim Jordan, founder of the House Freedom Caucus; and Ron DeSantis, Chairman of the House National Security Subcommittee, signed the letter yesterday and delivered it to the President.

They asked the President to instruct AG Jeff Sessions to immediately produce all documents requested by Congress they have requested related to DOJ and FBI prosecutorial and investigative decisions made in 2016 and 2017.

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It reads in part:

“To complete our independent oversight and investigative duties, we must obtain all documents responsive to previous requests by Congress. This includes the documents related to potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act; documents related to the FBI and broader Dept. of Justice’s initial investigation into the Trump campaign prior to the appointment of the Special Counsel; and the unredacted August 2017 memo written by Deputy AG Rosenstein that articulated the scope of the Special Counsel’s jurisdiction.

“The DOJ has obstructed Congressional oversight by refusing to supply necessary and relevant documents. As members of the legislative branch, we believe the best course of action would be for you to exercise the powers vested in the Executive to make the documents we require available to Congress.”

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