How to Calculate the End of the World

How to Calculate the End of the World by Bill Bonner – International Man

Poor Florence Newton.

The young woman was tried as a witch in Youghal, Ireland in 1661. It was alleged that she kissed another woman “violently” and that the victim experienced fits, cramps, and visions.

In another instance, she kissed the hand of an imprisoned man who subsequently died.

Today, we think of “witchcraft” as hocus-pocus. We deny any cause-and-effect relationship between Ms. Newton’s kiss and the prisoner’s death.

Myth, in other words.

Myths Rule the World

Yes, we continue to explore how myths rule the world. We have looked at helpful myths: A penny saved is still a penny earned. A fool and his money are still soon parted. And nobody wants to eat at a restaurant with a skinny chef.

But now we turn to the unhelpful sort of myths: “fake news” and lies.

Making the world “safe for democracy” was a monumental lie when President Woodrow Wilson used it as an excuse to drag the U.S. into World War I.

Sorcery had no more truth in it than an act of Congress. And stimulating the economy with fake money was a scam from the get-go.

Some myths are useful. Others are lies. And today we pose the critical question: How can you tell the difference?

End of The World

This is probably the most important question ever posed: How do we know if a public policy makes the world better… or worse?

How do we know if what we are doing is good… or bad? How do we know if our actions will get us into Heaven… or Hell?

A question of that magnitude is going to take some time… Give us another 24 hours, please!

In the meantime, we turn to the end of the world.

Mr. BJ Campbell, writing on an open-source publishing platform called Medium, pens an essay and uses statistical analysis to calculate the odds of a society-altering event like a flood or armed revolution.

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