Tucker Carlson Unloads on Gun Grabber Pat Davis

Tucker Carlson Unloads on Gun Grabber Pat Davis by Rory – The Daily Coin

Tucker Carlson takes on a gun grabbing candidate, Pat Davis, from New Mexico in what can only be described as a beat-down of the highest order. Pat Davis’ stance is “F**k the NRA” and he happily stated his stance in a new add that is running in the district he is attempting to “represent”. The only problem is, Davis, is so ill informed we’re not sure he made it home from the studio where the new piece was filmed!!

“Being polite hasn’t made our schools any safer, it hasn’t protected police officers like I used to be. If a cuss word on TV offends you more than dead kids in Parkland or Newtown then your priorities are all wrong.” ~Pat Davis, Democratic Candidate in New Mexico

The problem with this argument is – it’s not an argument. It’s nothing more than an emotion filled statement intended to make people “feel” instead of “think”. There are no facts, the statement is completely devoid of actual information and has nothing to do with anything except how a person feels. I’m not sure what being polite or being rude has to do with mass shootings or violent crime or with firearms, but this is the “platform” that Pat Davis is standing upon.

But, it’s not the full platform. Davis has another plank in his rhetoric that is not only void of anything to do with facts, it is a flat out lie.

Tucker Carlson ask “How many NRA members have committed mass shootings?” Very simple, straight forward question. For the record the NRA currently has north of 5 million members, so the answer to this question could be important – how many NRA members have committed a mass shooting?.Understanding who you are attacking may count for something. Facts matter – unless you are Pat Davis and you are running for Congress in New Mexico. Needless to say, Davis never answered the question because that would expose the truth – ZERO NRA members have ever committed a mass shooting but at least one has stopped a mass shooting – using his registered, lawful AR-15.

Stephen Willeford, Sutherland Springs, Tx, NRA member “we are the people that would stand between the people that would do evil to our neighbors…” When was the last time you heard a gun grabber say something to that affect? What was that – never; you said never. Correct.

Pat Davis, in another ad, claims that an AR-15 can fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds!! Facts matter this statement is 100% devoid of any facts what-so-ever. “How big is the magazine?” is ask of Davis and his reply tells-the-tale; in that you can use a 50 round magazine and a 100 round magazine. Well, that means you have to change magazines completely crushing the 15 second theory, not to mention the FACT the barrel would be super-heated and warp long before 150 rounds were pumped through it in the imaginary timeframe Davis uses.

This is the reason Democrats and gun grabbers are losing the conversation – lies, deceit and propaganda are no longer acceptable. People are not stupid that they do not understand they are being played. If your platform is built on lies, you may want to reconsider the platform upon which you stand. These tools of tyrants will always pale in the light of truth.

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