Daniel Ameduri: Our Economy Is About To Radically Change

Daniel Ameduri: Our Economy Is About To Radically Change by Rory – The Daily Coin

America is about people rising up and taking charge of their own lives. This is one of the main reasons we need better border security and an updated immigration policy that is geared, as it once was, towards people that are hungry for success. People in America, unlike most any other country in the world, have an opportunity to rise up and go from rags to riches. Natural born citizens have these same opportunities, but don’t always strive for the success that awaits.

Daniel Ameduri is the kind of person most thinking people would strive to be: Successful, self-made and wealthy.

I sat down with Mr. Ameduri, President and Founder, Future Money Trends, to get his take on Trump, gold, silver and one of his current investments that he sees as his next big wealth creator. Daniel is no stranger to putting his money to work and capitalizing on what appears to be a risky situation. This is how people become wealthy – “when there is blood in the streets, that’s when you want to invest“. Of course this is not literal blood we are referencing “investment blood”. Daniel believes we are now entering the “danger zone” of investing. Huge sums of wealth could be transferred from one account/person to another with some major winners and major losers.

When everybody feels a little too good about the next year and that usually is a concern because when everybody feel super, super great and super, super optimistic that’s when things radically change. The old rule is when everybody feels is the safest, it’s always the most dangerous thing in the investment market. ~Daniel Ameduri, The Daily Coin

We, at The Daily Coin, have made the case that gold and silver will, over the next 3-5 years awaken to a really strong breakout to the upside. I ask Daniel what his take on the precious metals looks like and if he has a target for transferring the metals to another asset. I have a couple of targets for transferring the metals and wish to acquire land once the targets are hit. Daniel sees a bright future for the metals, which means an economy that is lot less robust than today.

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