Health CEO and Biohacker Found Dead in Washington DC Facedown in Flotation Tank


Health CEO and Biohacker Found Dead in Washington DC Facedown in Flotation Tank By Erin Elizabeth – Health Nut News

TDC Note – I didn’t think it would be possible for another healthcare professional to parish in such short order, but apparently, I was wrong. Going forward we will keep a much, much closer eye on this situation and report these issues as quickly as possible. This is now #88.


Update: We appreciate that thousands trusted our story was real, though it hadn’t hit mainstream news when we reported on it within a day after this tragic event. Now it’s on every MSM source I see. Sources at the bottom, including a Go Fund Me account for the Traywick family.

The Metropolitan Police Department in D.C. has now confirmed that biohacker and CEO of Ascendance Biomedical, Aaron Traywick, was found dead on Sunday. While not many details are known, we do know he was found in a spa in Washington, D.C., face down, doing flotation therapy in very shallow water.

He was only 28.

His friend (featured in BBC article below) posts about the death here.

(“Floating” is done in a sound-proof pod, filled with salt water at body temperature. The practice, which gives the sensation of floating in empty space, is meant to promote a state of deep meditation. I’ve done it a few times, including with Dr. Mercola. It was fun and easy and the tanks are usually very large. You can sit up, and are very buoyant (float very easily). I didn’t feel claustrophobic at all. Millions worldwide use floatation tanks with no problems.)

Traywick, also a transhumanist (a movement seeking to evolve our species beyond its natural limits, primarily via technology), was a visionary to some because of his strong ties to biohacking; a type of scientific research that seeks to push medical technology without the use of academic, state, or corporate partners (it also tends to heavily emphasize independence and experimentation).

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