Tim McCutcheon: Higher Oil Prices Are Cancer – Lithium Demand Erupting!

Tim McCutcheon: Higher Oil Prices Are Cancer – Lithium Demand Erupting! by Rory – The Daily Coin

Everything is going green. Does it make sense to use solar power instead of coal to power our homes? Does it make sense to use alternative forms of power to operate most of our passenger cars?

I have long ask why doesn’t the entire southern half of the U.S. utilize solar power for homes, businesses and most every structure that uses electricity. Would this not have a massive impact on our energy consumption and the burning of fossil fuels? Believe me, I’m not advocating for some “global warming/climate change” nonsense merely looking at what makes sense and what would, potentially, improve our communities overall health and well being. The elimination of the super heavy-duty power lines carrying more and more electricity is not doing our neighborhoods any favors. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones you don’t want to live near.

If we look, once again, at what China, India and other nations around the world are doing we see leadership in bringing about real changes that will embrace the 21st century technologies and address some of the issues we are facing. Oil and coal are may not be around another 100 years and if they are will it be cost effective to use them to power homes and businesses?

We have reported, on multiple occasions, about the massive solar projects underway in China, with some 300 million homes and an equally large scale project in India. While these are impressive large scale projects, currently, the leading nation is Germany, which has entire cities utilizing solar power.

All of this solar power can be used, not only for the individual home or business, but these structures can also become mini power stations by sending it’s excess power to another home or business. The energy would need to be stored in a battery pack and then transferred to another location, which brings us to our topic – Lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are currently the most efficient battery technology in use.

We need to begin thinking differently. We need to begin to see how we can change our ways from the past 100 years of thinking.

I sat down with Tim McCutcheon, President, Wealth Minerals, to discuss some of the issues we currently face with our energy needs and the massive changes that are taking place in the East. The Western, “developed”, world has not embraced these new technologies and is not, currently, planning on making any large scale shifts in the way we use energy or how we are going to address the next 100 years of energy use. This will be another area where the West will be left using 19-20th century technologies while the East is operating on 21st century ideas and technologies.

I’m not talking about a “cure-all” just attempting to bring 21st century thinking to the table so that we may begin to reshape our world and, at least, make an attempt to leave our children a better place than what we found.

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