Georgia School Board Votes Unanimously to Arm Teachers

Georgia School Board Votes Unanimously to Arm Teachers by AWR HAWKINS – Breitbart

Georgia’s Fannin County School Board voted unanimously Thursday night to arm teachers for defense of themselves and their students.

The only caveat is that approved teachers must carry their guns in holsters:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that district officials had been seriously considering the policy to arm teachers since April.  Those who wish to carry must be approved by the Fannin County Sheriff and the board of education, and must receive special training.

11 Alive reports that parents opposed to arming teachers “immediately walked out” of the board meeting following the vote.

Last month Laurens County school board approved a program to allow some school officials to be armed. Supporters of armed teachers in both Laurens and Fannin counties cited Parkland and other school shootings to argue for having teachers with guns on the spot to stop an attack.

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