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Q:BS Is Showing Video – QBPEarth Watch

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Why is it my responsibility to “decode” the code or decipher the code? why not just tell me what I need to know? What if I don’t know how to play chess, 5d chess or 64,000,000,000d chess? I don’t get the info or I have to count on some idiot to “decipher/decode” the code? Seriously? This is how I’m suppose to conduct my life, my community and my family? Can we please drop the nonsense and speak in real terms?

BPearth Watch, along with several other YouTubers, are very rapidly losing all credibility and throwing away years of respect and reputation to follow a shadow into a blind alley. I hardly even publish Q:BS because it’s nothing more than a serious distraction to the real problems we are attempting to report. if you want to waste your time/life on this nonsense, knock-yourself-out, but this is the last video we will be publishing. We have real information that needs our attention and have no more time for chasing ghost.

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