Modern Day Slavery in Britain ‘Laid Bare’ by New Report

Modern Day Slavery in Britain ‘Laid Bare’ by New Report from Sputnik News

A new in-depth report on modern slavery in the UK has been published and reveals the number of British victims of human trafficking has shot up by 362 percent.

Intelligence has been gathered from the transport, food, agriculture, construction, manufacturing industries — plus nail bars, car washes, shellfish gathering and cleaning; the findings are described as “horrific” by Kevin Hyland, the UK’s Anti Slavery Commissioner.

Data reveals men from ethnic Roma communities are most likely involved in criminal activities, with the UK and France described as the main destination for trafficked Romanian children.

Victims from Vietnam have been linked to nail bars, shellfish gathering, cannabis cultivation and prostitution, meanwhile Romanian workers are linked to car washes and food processing.

The report, ‘The Nature and Scale of Labour Exploitation Across All Sectors Within the United Kingdom’ is published by the government’s Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority.

“The sad reality is that the criminality that drives exploitation and slavery is quite close to home in the towns, cities and countryside in which we live and work,” Roger Bannister, interim chief executive of GLAA said in a statement.

“The barbaric nature of modern slavery means it destroys the lives of its victims, which is why we introduced the world-leading Modern Slavery Act 2015 and increased the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority funding by £2.6 million a year to tackle modern slavery and wider labour exploitation.” Victoria Atkins, Minister for Crime, Safeguarding and Vulnerability said in a statement.

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