Tom Fitton @ CPAC – The Clinton/DNC Dossier & the Abuse of FISA (Video)

Tom Fitton @ CPAC – The Clinton/DNC Dossier & the Abuse of FISA Video – Judicial Watch

Back at CPAC 2018 earlier this year, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explained the corruption of the FBI and their outrageous abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to spy on the Trump team: “Fundamentally, the Russian collusion scandal is collapsing. The idea that the Trump people were working with the Russians to steal the election?

There’s no evidence of it. The Dossier was created by the Clinton-DNC operation – it’s a political document that is salacious & unverified. Hillary Clinton hired Fusion GPS to go out and find dirt on Trump. And so they came up with a false narrative about Trump & Russia. And there was no corroborating evidence for any of that.

And what’s really outrageous about it is that they laundered it into the FBI, but instead of warning Trump about the Dossier they used it as a pretext to spy on him. And then they abused the FISA Court repeatedly.”

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