This Infrastructure Project Will Be Bigger Than Trump’s Wall

This Infrastructure Project Will Be Bigger Than Trump’s Wall by Justin Spittler – Casey Research

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Justin’s note: Sometimes, I come across an idea so big, I need to share it immediately.

Today’s guest essay covers an idea we haven’t featured before in the Dispatch… But it’s one that needs to be on everyone’s radar today…

By Nick Rokke, analyst, Palm Beach Daily

“This will be the most important infrastructure buildout of our lifetimes.”

That’s how Jeff Brown started his presentation.

Jeff is the editor of Exponential Tech Investor… and one of the best tech analysts I know.

He’s worked in Asia and Silicon Valley at the executive level for some of the hottest tech companies in the world.

And he’s been featured on CNBC Asia, Channel News Asia (the “CNN of the East”), the Taipei Times, and various other mainstream outlets. He’s also a formal adviser to eight technology start-ups.

His last big idea gave his subscribers a chance to make boatloads of money…

He recommended a gene editing company shortly after it went public in October 2016. He bought shares at $15. Today, they trade at $47… That’s a 213% gain in less than two years.

When Jeff gets excited about an idea in tech, you should, too…

Last month, I attended an exclusive meeting of some of the world’s greatest investing minds at a Miami Beach resort.

Everyone there was waiting for Jeff’s presentation. But we were a bit surprised when he started talking about a major infrastructure project.

We soon found out that the infrastructure he was talking about has nothing to do with crumbling bridges… outdated railways and airports… or a Great Wall along the Mexican border.

In fact, it could be one of the biggest infrastructure projects in U.S. history. Jeff says this project could add $500 billion to GDP growth. Trump’s wall would cost an estimated $12 billion to $70 billion to build (if it ever gets built).

These are the types of money-making opportunities we’re always looking for in the Daily… those you won’t find in the mainstream press.

Today, I’ll tell you about the infrastructure project Jeff is excited about, and a couple of ways you can play it…

The Next Great Infrastructure Project

The major infrastructure project Jeff is bullish on involves 5G (fifth-generation) wireless technology.

If you’re not familiar with wireless tech, it encompasses all devices and equipment that allow you to transmit data over air rather than wires.

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