The Backdoor to the Control of Everything

The Backdoor to the Control of Everything by Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

The corporate elite ruling the planet met in secret and they ran the world in the 1975 movie, Rollerball. Nations no longer existed. I have previously reported on how Verizon has merged AOL-Time Warner with Yahoo in a new company called Oath, where you agree to allow these giants complete and unfettered access to all of your personal data and that you allow them to do anything they want with it. Meanwhile, they can terminate your account for uttering the name of Jesus. Further, they can use your data, however, you cannot so much as share an ad in your email.

A Brave New Social Media World

The same scenario is forming today, ladies and gentlemen. When we look at merger acquisitions and the growth of social media alongside the telecom industry, we are watching the Rollerball vovie unfold right before our eyes.

The following media discusses how this new phenomena is the backdoor to the complete control of everything as very soon, everything you read, see, hear, and ultimately think will be under the control of a small number of people.

Please share this video far and wide because it represents the notion of how we are actually contributing and hastening to our own demise.

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Dave Hodges

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