Did You Park The Truck Under the Waterfall?

Did You Park The Truck Under the Waterfall? by Rory – The Daily Coin

WOW! That’s impressive. I hope you were waiting with some dry powder and picked up a few ounces during the blow-down.

The banking cabal just hit the precious metals market, presumably, using the “Initial Claims Drop“, spike in stocks on “no real news” as cover? Who knows. It’s Thursday or said another way a day that ends in the letter “y” so, it must be a good day to beat the metals into submission. We can’t allow the gold and silver community to believe something good is happening with the metals, that would just be foolish.

The good news is the charts have already started the recovery process and we await the next rally to the north or continued beating to the south. Either way, it seems the writing is on the wall at this point that gold is coming back to the monetary system in one form or another. The only real questions remaining at this point are when it will happen, which nation will make the first move and how many nations and how quickly will they follow the lead?

With Russia continually adding to their gold reserves, Turkey repatriating their gold, along with two of Turkey’s largest banks, not to mention some of the smaller nations, like Kazakstan, Vietnam, Belarus and so many others, continually adding to their gold reserves, the bullion banks are just out for a walk to let the world know they still set the “price” and this will continue to be – until it isn’t.

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