Jacob Rothschild’s Dirty Scheme – Genie Oil/CIA/al Qaeda Video Series

Jacob Rothschild’s Dirty Scheme – Genie Oil/CIA/al Qaeda Video Series – Blackstone Intelligence Network

You hear the name “Rothschild” tossed around all the time. But is the Rothschild dynasty still controlling world events from behind the curtain? The answer is a resounding YES! And throughout this series, I will pull back that curtain and expose exactly how many of today’s conflicts, including the troubles in Syria, are connected to the schemes of the Rothschilds.

Part 2
Under the guidance of the Rothschild syndicate, the CIA has tried to mold the Middle East and North Africa into its own image.

Part 3
Rather than just make the claim that the CIA created al Qaeda, in this series I’ll prove it with verifiable information.

Part 4
With all the disinformation out there, how do I validate the information that I’m giving you in my reports? I answer that question in this episode

Part 5
In the 1970s, the CIA was waging a war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union by backing “moderate rebels”. Much of the funding for these forces was routed from the CIA through the Pakistani ISI to bagman Osama bin Laden.

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