Bundesbank’s Golden Dog and Pony Show

Bundesbank’s Golden Dog and Pony Show by Rory – The Daily Coin

This is allegedly the gold repatriated from the Federal Reserve. Personally, I’ll wait to see what Peter Boehringer has to say about the assays of these bars, the number of bars and the final tally of the bars. Releasing a photo of 8 bars means nothing. Russia released a dozen+ photos from inside their central bank showing every corner and hundreds of bars of gold and hundreds of bars of silver – including close up shots with visible, legible serial numbers.

This is part of the overall problem I have with Bundesbank stating they have tons and tons of gold. The photo in one story shows a bar dated 2013 – the first year Germany allegedly received some of the gold from the Federal Reserve. The other problem I have is the sheer volume of gold Germany claims to possess – the second largest hoard of physical gold in the world is supposedly held by Germany’s Bundesbank. The “art show” displaying 8 – 12 kilo bars is suppose to be the signal to the German people that 3,400+ TONS is safe and accounted for in the vault. I don’t know much, but I know a dog and pony show when I see one.

“We’re doing this to show citizens that the gold bars are here, to show transparency,” Bundesbank executive board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele noted, presenting the precious showpieces.

Eight golden bars, 12 kilos each, from the German golden reserve, have become an attraction at a special exhibition entitled “Gold. Treasures at the Deutsche Bundesbank” in the Money Museum in Frankfurt on Main. The unprecedented display, which is to run till September, marks a historic event for Europe’s largest economy, as it returns half of its 3,374-ton stash from vaults abroad.

Various gold bars are on display at the Bundesbank headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany (File)
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Bundesbank take note – if you want to regain credibility follow Russia’s lead.

All that glitters is definitely gold in a new exhibition at Germany’s central bank that lifts the veil on the nation’s massive reserves of the precious metal, partly to reassure sceptics that the prized ingots are really there.

Europe’s top economy and export powerhouse has the world’s second-largest gold reserves after the United States, but for decades almost none of the roughly 3,400 tonnes of yellow metal, worth a staggering 117 billion euros ($145 billion) today, could be found on German soil. Source

What they did right there was a misdirect. Explaining how much TOTAL gold Germany is suppose to have, but not citing the actual amount received from the Federal Reserve in the repatriation. They provide a photo of 4 bars, all of which are completely different, one from the other. Not a big deal but why not show me the stacks of gold? Why not show me an assay of the bars on display? Why not detail the process, as has been done in a transparent gold vault, like that in Russia – you know the “commies”?

The bullions are now kept under lock and key in a secret location in the bank’s basement in Frankfurt — except for the eight bars on display at its Money Museum as part of the exhibition “Gold. Treasures at the Deutsche Bundesbank”, which runs until September.

“We’re doing this to show citizens that the gold bars are here, to show transparency,” Bundesbank board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele told reporters, standing next to the gleaming 12-kilo (26-pound) bars in glass display cases.

“We want there to be trust in the Bundesbank central bank as an institution, and in the reserves of the Bundesbank. And you can only win trust through transparency.” Source

This is a sad commentary on the state of the West vs East. We are shown an illusion, 8 bars of gold and told this is “transparency”. No, transparency would be a full audit, conducted by a third party in broad daylight – that’s what transparency looks like. This is nothing more than another dog and pony show meant to pacify the masses. Only the uber wealthy and the people that know and follow money, wealth and history know the importance of gold.

Gold and silver bugs are always painted with the same brush – “tin foil hat conspiracy theorist”. This is nothing more than cover and another scene from the dog and pony show. To date, the gold and silver community has been proven correct in our knowledge that the gold and silver markets are rigged by the bullion banks. You would never know this if by simply following the mainstream media. There are people in the gold and silver community that still refuse to acknowledge the arrest and conviction of gold and silver market riggers.

Among the loudest critics was eurosceptic Peter Boehringer, now a member of parliament for the far-right AfD party, who launched a “Bring home our gold” campaign that made national headlines.

“Especially during the years of the financial and sovereign debt crisis, the Bundesbank was confronted with the desire for detailed information about the gold,” said Thiele.

“It even went so far that some questioned whether the gold holdings at home and abroad were real.” Source

As you can see the mainstream media continues to make those that simply ask questions appear to be some kind of “far-right” loose canon that needs to be avoided simply because they ask a question. Blind obedience is the only acceptable posture.

While gold today is no longer as vital to the financial system as it once was, it remains “an anchor of stability”, the ultimate safe harbour in uncertain times, the Bundesbank says.

To Germans, whose national consciousness is still scarred by the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic in the 1920s, the tangibleness of gold is key to its enduring appeal. Source

They did get something exactly right. Gold is “an anchor of stability” in our economic world. While no government, or bank, on planet earth will admit gold plays a role in our economy or finances they would be hard pressed to explain why gold and silver are manipulated, information about gold at the Federal Reserve, Bundesbank and most all central banks is kept secret and why no audit of central bank gold is even discussed. Why is that? If gold, and silver, is a big nothing burger drag it out into the light and conduct a full audit at the Federal Reserves and Bundesbank – third party, fully independent auditing service. Nothing terrifies the ones hiding in the shadows more than the threat of being dragged into the light.

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