Is Dershowitz Protecting Clinton? (Videos)

Is Dershowitz Protecting Clinton? Videos – Bill Still

TDC Note – Be sure to watch Part 2 and not just listen – Bill Still dresses up the video to drive home the point that Dershowitz is nothing more than a sock puppet protecting hillary, obama and the other treasonous criminals and pay close attention to Hannitys’ comment just after Dershowitz shuts him mouth – very, very telling.


Alan Dershowitz took to Fox this morning to comment on the latest developments; the referral by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz of former FBI Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe to the US Attorney for Washington DC for possible prosecution; and, the break-in of the offices and homes of one of President Trump’s lawyers, Mr. Cohen.

Fox show host, Bill Hemmer, noticed that Prof. Dershowitz never mentioned the vast web of criminality that is being exposed day-after day. So, Hemmer asked Dershowitz if a Special Council should have been appointed in the first place:

Now wait a minute. Do you mean that you see no problems other than the Russians meddling in our elections? When more and more legal experts are sounding alarms that this is THE most serious political scandal in the history of this nation – one that threatens the very foundations of this country – the rule of law and equal justice under the law?

Hemmer caught the Dershowitz dodge and gently moves in:

Episode 2167

Exhibit 2 – Is Dershowitz Protecting Clinton?, 2168
Alan Dershowitz took to Fox this evening and confirmed my suspicions in our previous report, SR 2167.\

Former U.S. Attorney, Joe DiGenova described exactly the way it is going to go down from here on:

Then Dershowitz – who just can’t help himself, calls DiGenova’s scenario a conspiracy theory.

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