Could Cohen Flip? (Video)

Could Cohen Flip? Video – Bill Still

With the possibly illegal break-in of Michael Cohen’s offices and home, Deep State has opened up a “hail Mary” possible pathway to getting at Trump with their Nazi-esque door-busting techniques of late.

Now, anything they came up with would probably be tainted by whether or not legitimate probable cause had been provided by the office of the US attorney of the Southern District of New York to serve as a basis of the warrant – and so far the record of the desperate Dems and their Deep State counterparts has not been good in this regard.

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However, the problem is that the cabal – unlike normal prosecutors – doesn’t really care whether they are overturned or not on appeal. All they care about is to make an outrageous allegation – even in the form of an indictment – thereby providing the Desperate Dems with fodder to try to gin up impeachment talk of the president – even if mathematically impossible.

Why? Because they have nothing else. They are down to their last shot – a big Hail Mary. That’s why they took this desperate action – one for which the prosecutors, themselves, could be prosecuted – if proper probable cause was not provided for their door-busting tactics..

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