Confiscation is NOT Necessary

Confiscation is NOT Necessary by Rory – The Daily Coin

For Minnesota it may be too late. Unfortunately, this was just brought to my attention today, April 19,2018.

It is not uncommon, even with all the supporting information to the contrary, to get questions about gold and silver confiscation. This, in our opinion, is unnecessary and would be highly ineffective and inefficient. No the thing to do would be to pass “laws”, “regulations” and other such top-down oppression to make people believe they must conform or face some kind of “terrifying” consequence.

In the past few months the gun grabbers have been screaming, once again, about taking our guns. They never have a solution, never offer a plan, just simply scream as loud as possible that guns are bad and the people that own guns are bad people for owning guns. 100% ridiculous and 100% inaccurate.

There is a letter published at Survival Blog this morning demonstrating how firearms confiscation is completely unnecessary – simply regulate them to the underground and make once law abiding citizens into criminals for exercising their God given right to self defense and their right to put down a tyrannical government. Remember, these are rights granted by God and codified by the Bill of Rights as designed by our Founding Fathers. The right to defend yourself should never, ever be in question. Unless, of course, you are an extreme left leaning government bot.

This is what the state of Minnesota is attempting to put into law. WOW!!

They Never Stop. And they never will. The latest bid to punish the innocent for arms abuse by the guilty— but really to make sure that no sheep-dogs remains protectively collared when the left later disposes of the sheep—is arising in MN. And it’s a doozy:

HF 3022 is now in the Legislature.

  • Permit required to own a gun
  • Permit required to buy a gun
  • Permit required to sell a gun
  • Local law enforcement gets to deny all types of gun permits
  • Local law enforcement gets to deny permits to carry
  • Personal medical information must be shared with law enforcement
  • All firearm transfers must be reported
  • All guns must be registered (fees set by local law enforcement)
  • Registration must be renewed annually
  • Local law enforcement may conduct warrantless “safety inspections” of gun owner’s homes
  • Local law enforcement sets “safe storage” policies – Five day waiting period for all transfers
  • Transfers must be done through an FFL (even between private parties)
  • Fees may be charged for transfers
  • Local law enforcement may conduct background investigation on transfers
  • Total ban on any gun which meets broad “assault weapon” definition
  • banned guns must be destroyed or surrendered
  • Ban thumb-hole stocks
  • Ban adjustable stocks
  • Ban pistol grip stocks
  • Limit fixed magazine capacity to 7 rounds
  • Ban any magazine capable of holding more than 7 rounds
  • Suspension of gun rights based on complaints from anonymous parties
  • Recriminalization of suppressors
  • Bump stock ban
  • All ammunition sales will be registered
  • Permit required to purchase ammunition

Almost forgot an important thing:

HF 3022 would also make gun owner private data public. This would include the number and type of guns you own and your address. Source

That’s how you do it right there!! If you are a law abiding citizen of Minnesota it may be time to contact your so-called “representative” and let them know exactly how bad an idea this really is. You may want to remind them that you, yes you, have the power to fire them at any time if they are no longer representing the people.

How to impact this nonsense

You can read the entire text of HF 3022 here.

MN residents need to mobilize and fight this at all costs. Check out the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus here.

The current status on March 1, 2018 according to this site is that it was introduced on February 26, 2018 and referred to “Public Safety and Security Policy and Finance.” Source

After researching for close to an hour on the Minnesota Legislator website this is what is known so far regarding this law passing

Click here  – Minnesota Senate – HF 3022 “has not been transmitted” as of April 19, 2018

Click here and if you can make heads-or-tails of this nonsense please let me know. It is unclear to me if the Minnesota House passed, deferred or shelved this law. In any event, the people of Minnesota need to stand up and contact their “representatives” and speak out against every line in the legislation.

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