Lavrov Describes Sanctions and Genocide Like A Statesman Instead of Salesman

Lavrov Describes Sanctions and Genocide Like A Statesman Instead of Salesman by Rory – The Daily Coin

Pay attention to how Lavrov, a Russian national, speaks english in a way that is easier to digest than most American news personalities and American politicians. The simplicity of words that cuts through all the nonsense and delivers the message clean and understandable.

Lavrov “I’m not in the guessing business. What I know is…” spoken like a statesman and someone who is earnestly seeking the truth of a matter. Not saying that Lavrov is awesome, just pointing out his use of language as a form of directing a conversation in such a way that alerts his audience that he, like them, wants to get to the truth of the matter. This is in sharp contrast to the type of language used in the West. With he exception of President Trump, who speaks in fairly simple, straight-forward language, we are constantly fed a lot words that add up to mostly nothing or is in a continual state of change, especially when it comes to truly important matters, like a bombing, mass shooting or other events of this magnitude.


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