The Real Axis of Evil: CIA/Pentagon/State Department

The Real Axis of Evil: CIA/Pentagon/State Department by Rory – The Daily Coin

It may be helpful to add the Department of Justice since Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch both, not only turned a blind eye to the crimes against humanity committed by the State Department under Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, but also for the targeting of conservative Americans attempting to rise up against the CIA/Pentagon/State Department, which has been responsible for most of the misery in our world since 1963.

The Wargasm started back on 9/11… it started a half-century ago. JFK’s assassination signaled the triumph of the Dulles-driven global killing apparatus. Since then, the war machine has blossomed like a carnivorous plant. More ordinance was dropped on sandal-wearing Southeast Asian peasants, for instance, than was dropped on Europe in all of World War II. This created huge profits for US  weapons makers and other interested parties, such as California rice farmers, who the Vietnam war turned into overnight millionaires. Given the scale of this bonanza, the CIA/Pentagon/State Department Axis of Evil has had no trouble proselytizing bogus “discretionary” wars ever since. The monetization of political office has morally disemboweled Congress, and the CIA-stained MSM cheers the endless slaughter. The only force on earth that can put an end to it is China. Problem is, China operates on a very long time frame. Many more innocents will be evaporated before the war machine grinds to a final halt. ~fishpoem

We have seen a continual escalation, by the U.S., of unConstitutional war since 9/11  and it seems the rest of the world is as war-torn as the American people. The axis of evil is only getting started but it seems their party may be coming to an end if Russia, along with their strongest ally China, have anything to say about what is currently happening in Syria. Will this escalate into a much larger war? Only time can answer that question, but we do know that Russia is no longer willing to accept the attacks on Syria especially with these attacks being based on lies and propaganda for the specific purpose of regime change to allow the gas and oil pipelines to be under Western corporate control and to feed the American war machine.

War is a racket, as Major General Smedley Butler taught us so many years ago. War is not about “saving lives” or “spreading democracy”, it is about profits and control. While Major General Butler first exposed this truth in 1935 it still holds true today in 2018.

First let’s look at War Inc. or the Military as a business, or as we have outlined in a detailed article “Cult of War” (a good primer read if you’re not up on this topic).  With 800 Billion + per year and a likely real spend of well over a Trillion USD, the US taxpayer needs to get something for their money.   The Military is in a constant state of self-justification.  The US outspends the enemy by such a large figure, there are stockpiles of bombs, planes, tanks, guns, logistic supplies, boats, aircraft carriers, satellites, and just millions of expensive assets getting dusty.  The US could fight World War 2 on 2 fronts and a war in Space and still have assets left over.  There are hundreds of military bases, millions of personnel, it has become just a massive super entity above Presidents, above the Elite, above Governments.  By itself, as a form of Artificial Intelligence, the Military will do anything to prove the need it serves and survive.  The glaring problem – no enemies!  The number of real enemies is dwindling.  But Syria has been on the CIA’s hit list for some time, controlling key Oil transport sites and other resources.  Not to mention Israel has wanted to destroy the unfriendly regime for a long time.  Cult of War needs to create conflicts of any size, it’s a ‘use it or lose it’ mentality.  There’s no better training drill than the real thing. Source

The latest round of war crimes committed by Western military forces – namely the U.S., U.K. and France – against the Syrian people have just about closed the door completely on any real talks that would allow for resolution in Syria

In a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, Putin and Rouhani agreed that the Western strikes had damaged the chances of achieving a political resolution in the seven-year Syria conflict, according to a Kremlin statement. –Reuters

The United States, France and Britain launched over 103 missiles on Saturday night at three Syrian facilities in retaliation for a suspected poison gas attack in the city of Douma seven days prior. While the West has conclusively blamed the Assad government for the attack, serious questions have arisen over everything from Assad’s motive, the type of nerve agent used, to the credibility of the first responders – an NGO known as the White Helmets who have a reputation for staging evidence.

France cited social media posts and YouTube evidence as justification for their participation in the strikes.

The French services analysed the testimonies, photos and videos that spontaneously appeared on specialized websites, in the press and on social media in the hours and days following the attack.

Testimonies obtained by the French services were also analysed. After examining the videos and images of victims published online, they were able to conclude with a high degree of confidence that the vast majority are recent and not fabricated. The spontaneous circulation of these images across all social networks confirms that they were not video montages or recycled images. Lastly, some of the entities that published this information are generally considered reliable. –Daily Star


Can the U.S. get out of this mess without the whole thing escalating? We pray that it does as there has been enough people killed for profits for the axis of evil.


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