Will China Support Russia in Syria?

Will China Support Russia in Syria? by Rory – The Daily Coin

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It is no secret that Russia and China are aligned in a multitude of ways. The two nations have spent the past decade, basically since the financial meltdown in 2008, redeveloping banking, technology to transfer currency and building economic alliances within the entire Eastern European region. This is to say nothing of the global alliance the two nations built through BRICS alliance. BRICS may actually become M-BRICS as Mexico has been in talks with both nations on how exactly to make that happen.

As these two nations have continue building out their economic futures there is really only one way to protect your growing wealth – military buildup. This two has been happening through another alliance headed by China with Russia as the main support, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). I have heard it described as acting like a new version or Eastern version of NATO.

Now we find, in 2017, China offering assistance to Syria to help rebuild from the nightmare caused by warmongers in Washington DC and their CIA mercenaries known as ISIS.  We also know Syria, China, Russia and Iran were planning one of the largest war games ever in the Mediterranean.

In 2012, media outlets in the Middle East reported the possibility of a war game involving Iran, Russia, China and Syria in the Mediterranean. It would be one of the largest war games ever planned, involving 90,000 troops, 400 aircraft, 1,000 tanks and hundreds of rockets.

While the war game did not materialize at that time, it was a signal to the US and other Western nations that the four Eurasian powers were drawing a line in the sand – and that line seemed to be Syria. Source

China, nor Russia, are offering a helping hand because they are just nice people and want to help. These nations, like the United States, want something in return for their investment. The goals of the Untied States are very clear – open Syria, install a Rothschild owned central bank (currency sold to the country at interest), build gas and oil pipelines across the country to supply southern Europe.

What about China, what does she look to gain?

It is well known that China’s core interests are sovereignty, territorial integrity, continued economic development and the survival of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The US providing a safe haven in Syria for a Chinese al-Qaeda to attack China, similar to Afghanistan providing a safe haven for al-Qaeda to attack the US on September 11, 2001, may provoke the Chinese dragon to bring its full military force to bear against this threat.

In addition to protecting its territory from attacks, China also needs energy resources from the Middle East and market access. This sustains the continued rising living standards that undergird the CPC’s legitimacy and survival. As such, when the US military consistently threatens to arm Uyghur militants to destabilize Xinjiang and muses about mining waters around China’s ports to cut off its trade and energy supply, it fuels the CPC’s distrust of Washington’s intentions for regime change. Source

We concluded long before any of this was known that China would support Russia in Syria – it’s really a no brainer. The two nations are tired of the ever encroaching U.S., not to mention the forever war in the Middle East under the direction of the U.S.. Never ending unConstitutional war is not healthy for anyone except a handful of military contractors. China, if need be, will send troops, technology and heavy equipment to East Asia or the Mediterranean, to support Russia in her efforts to push back against the U.S. attempting to overtake another sovereign nation. We believe this has played a major role in Trump and the warmongers in Washington DC cooling their heals over the past 24 hours regarding the so-called “chemical attacks” by Assad. We are of the belief these attacks, if they happened at all, were nothing more than another in a long line of false flag attacks and the warmongers in the West were forced to reevaluate their stance.

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